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“When you open to your truest self your  true worth shines through”   

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s love of life” 

“The Welfare of Each is Bound Up in the Welfare of All”   Helen Keller

“Be Special Because You Are”   

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“Don’t deny yourself this experience it will help you see yourself and everything around you in a very different light and will give your life more meaning, purpose and you will feel the sky is the limit, with love in your heart” SP Meo


From International & Local Management Consultants, CEO’s, Organisations/Companies, in all industries. Sports Teams, Individuals, All Media/Entertainment Moguls & their Staff, Mining, Banking/Finance, Health, Engineering, Coaching & Training Companies, Modelling, Tourism to You and Me!

From 7 to 70 years and beyond!

Some of Our Clients Speak to YOU

“Universal Law & Breakthrough give more insight about these phenomenal processes and programs….that “ARE NOT TO BE MISSED in any lifetime, any individual, your life is too important, not to experience this”.

“It is a clearing experience. What you think is the problem may not really be THE problem at all.” E B Hong Kong

“It is unable to be described in words, you must experience this, the most life changing experience I know of, and I have done a lot – let your light shine – even years later I am not the person I was before this wisdom and work came into my life – Thank You Pamela.” S Turton UK

“If what you desire is greater clarity of purpose, self worth, appreciation, love, certainty and masterful presence then The Breakthrough Experience is for you. It is a new way of living and an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life.
I thought I was going to die before your program and after your program Pamela, all I desire to do is live, and live life to the fullest, thank you” RW – Dir. Sydney AUS

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Pamela’s unconditional love, wisdom and certainty in my potential and ability to cultivate self love within myself and others. I have continued to apply the collapse process in my daily life, and experienced ever greater love, fullfilment and illumination. If you decide to commit you’ll experience unconditional love and wisdom that transcends your consciousness and empowers you wholistically” PC-Melb

“Extra-ordinary Masterful Energy Transformations that no-one would ever want to miss…..’Do This & You Will Be Amazed at it’s power’ and the feelings of gratitude and enlightenment that this can bring – not to mention an automatic activation towards a purposeful and meaningful future”. RG Miami USA

“Epic Advice, truly epic – the situation changed right before my very eyes – thank you, thank you, thank you Pamela”. “This truly is where science meets spirit in an illumination of remarkable proportions”. BC HK

“This experience is a chance of a lifetime – to know and understand what being PRESENT really means. How to expand and resonate on a higher level than you thought was possible and most of all to have purpose and the drive to follow life’s wonderful path”. Priceless & Magnificent – Dir CB, Caribbean BWI

This ‘experience’ has been said to be: “Amazing, quantum leaping, next millennium thinking, incredible, priceless, indescribable, unique, life changing, spiritual wisdom, mind expanding, pure truth, I found my purpose, unified field, true love”

Transform your life. Empower yourself to design and live your dreams.
“Love The Life You Live; Live The Life You Love”

“Transform challenges in ‘any area in any aspect of life – it’s like a miracle arrived – our business quadrupled profit, the suffering of the loss of our loved one and the emotional pain no longer there, the energy that replaced all the moments that we just could not understand – the why’s answered, truly do set you free’ – thank you Pamela, now we are free to receive the life we dreamed of, as you said though, you have to commit and do this Quantum work and we thank heaven we listened and called you, such perfect timing’. SG – Melb Australia

Dear Pamela,
“The Breakthrough Experience has challenged my most basic beliefs, torn down my illusions of life and opened my heart to a realm of possibilities in all seven areas of my life that, a mere 2 days ago I could barely have imagined. I leave you now feeling lighter, more aware and armed with a range of powerful tools that will allow me to evolve on a continued path towards unconditional love. This has been the most powerful, rewarding and heart warming experience I have encountered in my entire life. For that I am truly and whole heartedly thankful. SG. Dir. Vmax P. Brisb. Aust.

“A surprising life-shift, with a new and improved attitude towards cause and effect, and the ‘big plan’ which we are all a part of” R Ferrah – BWI – Caribbean

“The best investment you can make in Yourself” K Basile – Melb, Aust.

“There is nothing that can totally explain how fantastic this course is; I entered without a purpose – filled with turmoil. I leave with a purpose, gratitude and a desire for everyone, everywhere to get this message”. D Montague – Spain

“This program is bigger than anyone could imagine and I know every single person that comes to the program will go away with something. Don’t have any expectations of the program, I know I was told not to but I started the program open to this and had no expectations, but then on the first day I did start to have expectations however, these were totally blown away by finishig the whole 2 days. From this I have learnt many wonderful things, my life has changed from today, as it will continue to do so as I grow. I have grown, Pamela, the teacher of the program is wonderful she is an amazing lady”. CB – Maroochydore Qld, Aust.

“I entered this course as a sceptic even after I heard about it from a friend that had already done it. I didn’t understand what this friend spoke about but I did notice a difference in this individual after having done the course. I came with an open heart to receive what I was being taught. I cannot express in words the outcome of this course. I feel like a weight has been lifted not only in body but in mind and spirit. I truly believe that your life will change, I am now convinced yours anyone who attends and does the work, their life will change forever. Many thanks to Pamela a wonderful person that I feel connected to – keep up this beautiful work and may God truly bless your life forever”. R R – Singapore

“I showed up at this programme thinking that I was going to ‘solve’ all the ‘faults’ of my husband. Little did I know I received a revelation that I was blown away by. I saw myself and only myself. I carried around so much weight and blame and anger with me that I was blinded by my own ‘faults’ and ‘shortcomings’. Now I feel as though I have found myself and I am lighter inside, and I see that these ‘supposed problems and faults – was the Universe helping me’. I see that all that I have around me is love and what I was ultimately cheating myself of, was love. If I had known that my moods and depression and judgemental thoughts were hindering this great discovery in my life I would have asked, for me to experience this programme and ultimately my ‘Breakthrough Experience’ – long, long before. I am truly blessed and truly grateful I have this priceless, revealing wisdom NOW”. A B, BWI

“Before the ‘Breakthrough Experience’, I believed that I would not be able to cope with the death of my mother, but now I know that the love I have for her is unconditional and if she were to pass tomorrow I could accept than knowing that nothing could ever take her away from me, she is always in my heart” S W – London

Dearest Pamela!
“Glad to see you are touring around helping people understand the universe! The program and its flow on workings are still working for me (I’m not expressing this very well). My affirmations are coming true. Life is great. Had another record month in August. Also had photo enquiries, nice large orders. Just recently I was asked if I could supply a print and mail to another country and tonight if I would like to supply images for a TV program. There are not enough hours in the day. But every morning I am grateful for this great life and the people that make it happen and then I am ready to begin my day in the office. New products in now as well and a rep in New Zealand who is very keen. We are in the process of getting the paperwork in order for NZ. It is all happening! All thanks to the program, as ever since I did my first program with you, life has been exploding in all directions! Love, thanks and appreciation to you!” DV
The Breakthrough program ‘allowed freedom from burdens. It stripped the veils that obscures the light. It allows for greater awareness of the balance of life. It shows us how to be grateful for blessings and light” GK – UAE
What Price would you put on your Breakthrough Experience: Priceless
Your Breakthrough Experience with Pamela In a few words: Eye opening & So Loving – a true ‘heart opening’. ‘Purpose’!

“You can try and change your environment (and even do so) and you can try to change the people around you, you can even go on holidays and hope it goes away or comes to you or you can do just about anything, but you can’t change the way you feel about things on the inside of you – until you do QCP/REVW – Do This Your Worth It – you will be astounded in the most magnificent way and you will see and experience the difference you never thought possible – I can assure you! Thank You

“The Breakthrough Experience teaches balance, love, and gratitude, it lifts you out of the chaos of anger, fear and emotions to a place where you can find your centre. The Breakthrough experience pulls you forward and upward towards enlightenment. This Experience with Pamela neutralises poisons, unblocks impediments in the self by removing the energy/emotion and replacing it with gratitude and love.” PG – USA
Your Breakthrough Experience in a Few Words: Liberating

The Breakthrough Experience taught me the science of life and living. The tools used helped me to unblock a very close relationship which had me spiritually and emotionally bound for over a year causing deep pain. It revealed the connection between us all as children of the Universe. The meaning is – very simple practical ways of God, love and truth. It is a liberating experience.” – Aust.

“You are able to step away from yourself and from all the things that hold you back and slow you down in your life. You are able to sort through the clutter and regain focus. I still have revelations about what it really means and what it is really all about …life… A Revelation” – BWI
Profoundly self-changing experience in all ways imaginable.” HK
What Price would you put on your Breakthrough Experience? Priceless
Your Breakthrough Experience a Few Words: “An Awakening”

“The Breakthrough Experience with Pamela allowed freedom from burdens. It stripped the veils that obscured the light. It allows for greater awareness of the balance of life. It shows us how to be grateful for blessings and light. Impossible to Miss This One – Do It NOW”

“The Breakthrough Experience is a priceless tool that allows you to truly face and understand difficult issues with a view to self improvement and more full contribution to the Universe. Go with no expectations and you WILL be immensely rewarded.” C S

“A very powerful clarification as to how the balance of the positives and negatives in life reveal the full potential of anyone prepared to RECEIVE THE MESSAGE”.
What Price would you put on your Breakthrough Experience? Priceless
Your Breakthrough Experience in a Few Words: Eye & Heart Opening

“In direction we aspire to greatness and inspiration, in gratitude we reach our Purpose! This process has the ability to do both – forever changing your perceptions and direction” P M – Sydney, Aust.
Your Breakthrough Experience in a Few Words: Purposefull What Price Your Investment in Yourself: “Priceless & Inspiring”

“This experience was like a whirlwind of information an exposure an untangling of emotions, a neutralising of thoughts an opening of the mind and the heart. It has shown me how many of us share such similar stories, they are personal to us, but in reality they are impersonal. We get stuck when we make it about us being a victim – but Pam gently yet powerfully leads us to understand every single thing is a gift in this life and that when we can have gratitude for everything we can release more energy to construct our dreams of life. I leave here believing I can and will integrate these teachings into every aspect of my life. Energising and Honest.

Dear Pamela – a letter for you to use as you would love to:
“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Pamela over the last 2 years.
I have been diligent with my work and followed Pamela’s instructions. My life has manifested into so many new areas that even trying to express on this brief summary, wouldn’t do it any justice…Life has become a gift and my perception of all in it, are a blessing”

“My relationships with my immediate family have blossomed, my friends have come and gone, however, when knowing of the universal laws, I see that my life is manifesting into the ways that my heart and mind long for. Once commencing work with Pamela, all I can say is “ Embrace for the time of your Life” She isn’t for the faint hearted and therefore sees only the best in the ones that come to her. She will stretch you further than a rubber band, but once you are released from the tension of the band, you will fling further and faster through space and time. Perceptions change and your interaction with the world shifts into new spheres..hence the game of life comes with a new set of rules..and this is the challenge of the new level.  I know with all my heart that she is the teacher, that lovingly knows how to guide me through to see the mysteries of life unfolding and understanding that I am the master of my destiny. Pamela, thank you for your time, dedication and love”. PC HK

“No program has brought to me such learnings, opened my mind and heart, with such wisdom – it was like attending a one year University degree in 2 days – I am now totally aware of how we create and I can create with this genius that is within all of us” Thank You Pamela”

“This testimonial is to share with you something that has dramatically and permanently changed my life and the lives of countless others. I’m not talking about merely helping a person, to get a better job, shed a few extra pounds, or gain confidence to go after what I want via so called motivation’. I’m talking about mind-blowing, awe-inspiring changes that makes the seemingly impossible-possible! This Breakthrough Experience will show you how you can finally create your most treasured desires and loves. Not by making window-dressing changes, but by connecting with your deepest inner self. You’ll learn how you can achieve effortless inner and outer transformation by completing the Quantum Collapse Process and the other tools in this marvellous Experience – it’s not worth waiting another moment to receive your truest light!”

“Thank you Pamela, for showing me, through your clear articulation and genuine love, the love the Universe has for me and changing my life forever. I have received the best course ever, at the right moment without judgement”.

”I think we can all agree that some of the greatest things in our lives happen when we don’t think they are happening. It is often said that the head is for thinking and the heart is for knowing. This course taught me that, and it taught me the techniques for placing the head in the service of the heart. Before I came to do this course, I was often occupied by the whys’ in life. This course changed my defaults from ‘why?’ to ‘why not?’. Pamela and the other participants worked hard to show me the parts of me I tried to hide, and to appreciate their beauty. Once upon a time I feared ‘the collapse process’, due to seeing it’s life fulfilling transformations’. This course taught me to ‘collapse fear, of the future’. I came to this course wanting to learn for myself the best things about the people and world around me. I leave this course wanting to offer the best parts of me to them.” Thank you Pamela. You took an enormous leap of faith and courage to reach out and grab me with all the force of the universe. I believe I speak for all participants when I say ‘we love you!’. Love, light (isn’t life a RRRIP?!!!!’) J

“I thought I was going to die before your program and after your program Pamela, all I desire to do is live, and live life to the fullest, thank you” RW – Dir.

If you think Education is Expensive try Ignorance”
J McLean ‘Sports Psychologist & International Golf Master – Miami, Florida’

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We look forward to seeing you there.



To All That Participate in Higher Learning & Educational Wisdom – we Congratulate YOU! “I look forward to you joining us in the Greatest Voyage of Discovery to the centre of the TRUE YOU”.  “BE SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU ARE, I know this now thanks to Pamela”!

Our signature program is ‘The Breakthrough Experience” as the words state it is an experience of ‘breaking through’ the boundaries and beliefs of life in all areas of life.  Emotions are an important part of our life, however, if our emotions are ‘running us’ we are ‘not running our life’ – in whatever area of life this may well be.

The processes learnt in our programs ‘allow you to see life ‘as it is’ and to adapt, and evolve beyond what is ‘running you’, thereby bringing out the true you your perfect nature, your perfect loves of life and an experience that allows doors to open that you never knew existed!  Quantum Collapse Process, LOAP and so many other tools ‘WOW’.

Exponential Growth in Finance and Purpose, what more could you desire?  Thank You Pamela, Thank You.

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